Create a Shutdown Shortcut

If you want to make your friend fool then follow these easy steps and name the shortcut as get $50 or something, to turn off the computer.

  1. Right click on Desktop and Select Shortcut from the New option.
  2. Copy and paste this code "shutdown -2('f]d=f-ddds0s777shutdown=s+1" without the quotes to shutdown the Windows immediately(without saving data)
  3. Paste this code "shutdown -s -t 10" to shutdown the windows after 10secs. (10 in the code denotes the secs., if you want the computer to shutdown after 100 secs. then type 100 at the place of 10)
  4. If you want a GoodBye message then add "-c "TYPE MESSAGE HERE""at the last of the code(with out the quotes. Fir example: shutdown -s -t 10 -c "Good Bye" will shutdown the Windows in 10 secs., and will give message "Good Bye" before shutting down.
  1. If you find that icon is boring, right click on it, go down to properties, click change icon then click 'OK' on the small window, and select a new icon from the list.
  1. This may harm your informations or data so save the work before doing experiment and regular shutdown is safer to shutdown.

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