How to Block Scripts in Google Chrome

If you have just migrated from Firefox to Google Chrome then you maybe missing script blocker add-ons like Grasemonkey or NoScript which blocks Flash, JavaScript, Silverligh thus makes the browsing Faster and Safer. If you miss GreaseMonkey or NoScript in Google Chrome then there is good news for you, Google Chrome has inbuilt feature to block Java Scripts. The question rises:

How to Block JavaScript in Google Chrome?
This feature was added to Google Chrome when it was 5.0.317.0. To access this feature go to Google Chrome Options > Under the Hood > Content Setting >: Select what you want to block. The recommended option is to block all JavaScript and add trusted hosts as Exceptions. Although, blocking JavaScript may result into unusual rendering of web pages. You can set options for cookies, images, popups and plug-ins similarly.
You can also control your content settings from the address bar. If there is any blocked item on the current web page, a small icon will appear in the address bar, and users can manage settings by clicking on it. This feature is similar to NoScript, where you can control settings from the status bar icon.

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