How to Make Google Chrome Start in Incognito Mode By Default

Are you rid of selecting 'new incognito window' to start private browsing session? Here is the crack for that. Follow some easy steps and make launch your Google Chrome in Incognito mode.

  1. Right Click on your screen
  2. Select 'Shortcut' from 'New' option.
  3. Now right click on your Google Chrome icon and copy the target(as shown in the video), paste it into your shortcut's target.
  4. BUT WAIT! Don't click next. Here comes the important step, add "--incognito" to the last of the target.
  5. Click next and name it something like 'Google Chrome Incognito' or anything you want, press finish.
  6. You are all done. Double click on that icon and start your private browsing session without selecting 'new incognito window' from wrench icon.

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